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Waterwise and Native Plant Gardens to Visit

 When you are planning your own waterwise or native plant garden, it is helpful to visit

other established gardens. Michael Laurie has put together this list of gardens to visit in

Western Washington. The hyperlinks were current as of March 20, 2015. If any are broken

when you visit, please send a note to  

Bellevue Botanical Garden - Waterwise Garden

Your landscaping choices play an important part in protecting Puget sound's water resources and the

wildlife that depend on it. 

Learn new practices and plantings that conserve water, lower chemical use, reduce runoff, and preserve habitat. 

This award-winning display offers rich possibilities for your home garden and a healthier environment. 

Bellevue utilities sponsors this garden.

Bradner Gardens in Seattle

Winding paths connect the many features of Bradner Gardens Park. Stroll past seven ornamental theme

gardens of the Master Gardener border: 

butterfly & hummingbird, fragrance, sensory, shade, xeriscape, winter interest and northwest native.

Delbert McBride Ethnobotanical Garden in Olympia

Native species garden at the State Capital Museum and Outreach Center in Olympia is features more than 30 species

of native plants.

Eastpointe Native Plant Demonstration Garden Part of project of NATIVE (Native Appreciation through

Indigenous Vegetation 

at Eastpointe), this garden uses volunteers to educate the public about native plants and their environmental benefits. 

In Bellevue, call (425) 296-6602 for directions.

Erna Gunther Ethnobotanical Garden at the Burke Museum of Natural History ? Ethnobotany is the study

of the plant lore of a people.

Gunther Garden displays many of the most useful plants in the Northwest; plant labels indicate traditional uses,

as well as natural habitats 

and suggestions for use in wildlife enhancement, land reclamation, or waterwise gardens.

Corner of 17th Avenue NE and NE 45th, 

Ethnobotanical Garden at Daybreak Star Cultural Center ? The Bernie Whitebear Memorial

Ethnobotanical Garden is a learning garden that contains 

a treasure of over 60 species of native plants. These plants are key to supporting the health, welfare, and traditions

of the Coast Salish and other 

indigenous people of the Pacific NW. 3801 West Government Way, Seattle (206) 285-4425  

Evergeen Arboretum in Everett

A place that has a large variety of plants, labeled and growing with compatible plants; a place that you can go to

for inspiration for your own garden.

 Northwest Native Plant Trail that makes use of low water use, native plants.

Evergreen State College teaching gardens in Olympia

Teaching gardens with themes including ethnobotany, native plants, and waterwise pollinator garden

The Highline Community College Native Plant Garden in Des Moines has a Washington native plant

habitat garden. Divided into four regions, eastern Wash, coastal, NW forest, and subalpine. They have about 100

representative species.

South 240th St and Pacific Highway South, Des Moines, WA 98198. Phone: 206-878-3710

Kul Kah Han Demonstration Gardens near Port Townsend

Kul Kah Han is designed to educate the public, of all ages, about native plants and their benefits toward the health

of salmon and people.

There are sections in the garden featuring native plants of the following habitats: Damp Forest, Dry Forest,

Edgeland, Meadow, Montane,

Subalpine, Wetland.

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden

The four-acre plant collection has been amassed over many years and contains native plants of the Pacific Northwest.

20312 15th Ave NW, Shoreline, WA

Lake Hills Greenbelt Ranger Station Backyard Habitat Demonstration

The Lake Hills Greenbelt is a wetland corridor encompassing more than 150 acres of diverse wildlife habitat

including forests, wetlands,

streams and lakes. Amenities include trails, community gardens and pea patches, picnic areas, blueberry farms

and seasonal produce stands. 15416 SE 16th, Bellevue.

Olympic Sculpture Park ? Transformed nine-acre industrial site into open and vibrant green space for art.

This new waterfront park 

gives Seattle residents and visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of sculpture in an outdoor setting with

native plants, 

while enjoying the incredible views and beauty of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. Admission is free.​ 

2901 Western Avenue, Seattle, (206) 332.1377

Point Defiance Park ? Thematic gardens, including a Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, Dahlia Trail,

Rhododendron Garden, 

Fuchsia Garden, Herb Garden, Iris Garden, and Northwest Native Garden provide a wide variety of horticultural

experiences for visitors. 

Tacoma Garden Club currently maintains the Northwest Native Plant Garden that offers visitors the chance to see

native plants 

in cultivation, including rarities that the general public rarely sees. 5400 N Pearl St, Tacoma, WA, (253) 305-1010

Redmond Stroll Garden The garden design roughly mimics a native northwest stream system, using plants,

gravel pathways, 

mounded planting beds, large rocks, benches and signage. The plants themselves were selected to attract beneficial


that salmon and birds like. The soil is amended to support native plants and vegetation that adapt easily. 

Seattle Tilth in Seattle

Techniques in the garden include year-round vegetable gardening, fruit producing trees and shrubs, drought tolerant

and disease-resistant 

ornamental plantings, Permaculture design, rain water harvesting, a green roof on our greenhouse, yard waste and

food waste composting,

soil building techniques, Pacific NW native plants, food bearing perennials, and a NW rain garden.

Skagit Display Garden in Mount Vernon

Native Plants are one of the display areas

Tacoma EnviroHouse and Garden

The City of Tacoma EnviroHouse is a permanent model home showcasing green building and natural landscape ideas,

materials and techniques to create a healthy home and planet.

Tribal Life Trail at Lake Wilderness Arboretum

22520 SE 248th Street, Maple Valley, WA Explore and learn about the native culture and plants

here in the Pacific Northwest. 

This Master Gardener project showcases plants native to our area.

UW Botanic Gardens

The north end of the arboretum features representative native trees and shrubs and a nature walk. Seattle.

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