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Plant Database - Introduction

 This part of the website contains links to drought tolerant plants for Western Washington, medicinal herbs, plant lists for Western Washington, and gardens to visit in the region which have displays of drought-tolerant plants or native plants. It is the result of many years research and planting by Michael Laurie, with help on the drought tolerant plants by Howard Stenn.

  1. This extensive database of drought tolerant plants has been created by Michael Laurie and Howard Stenn over many years, for the benefit of all. It is broken down into the following categories.
  2. Drought Tolerant Trees for Western Washington
  3. Drought Tolerant Shrubs for Western Washington
  4. Drought Tolerant Vines for Western Washington
  5. Drought Tolerant Perennials and Ground Covers for Western Washington
  6. Medicinal Herbs
  7. Waterwise Plant Lists; waterwise and native plant lists for western Washington
  8. Waterwise Gardens to visit in western Washington
  9. Native Plant References

There is a drop-down menu selection for each of these pages. If you just hold your cursor over the Plant Database tab on the website menu, you can choose which one you wish to see.

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