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About Watershed LLC

Watershed LLC is dedicated to helping customers reduce their water and energy use and improve their landscape impacts through customized audits, cost and savings analysis, project development and management, research, demonstration, and training.

Our Services

Watershed LLC is owned by Michael Laurie, who is available to consult on a wide spectrum of resource conservation projects. Contact Watershed LLC via email: or call: 206-406-7153. 

  • Water Efficiency Audits and Consulting I have 19 years of water efficiency work. I have completed hundreds of water audits for businesses, government agencies, homeowner associations, and many more. I have been a technical advisor on creation of a water efficiency DVD. .
  • Residential Energy Audits I have 30 years of energy efficiency work experience with homeowners and businesses. I have completed thousands of energy audits and inspections, and can conduct blower door tests. 
  • Curriculum Development and Training I have 12 years of experience developing curriculum and teaching classes in two nation wide sustainability training programs for professionals, Building Operator Certification Program and Sustainable Building Advisor, in the last year taught classes in 7 cities in Washington and California. We have made many presentations to engineers, architects, developers, and business owners on how to reduce resource use in their facilities. We have developed and presented several classes on residential water efficiency for homeowners. 
  • Built Green Services I am one of the 13 Built Green verifiers in the Seattle area. I am usually working with 5-7 clients on Built Green verification at any one time. 

Some of Our Commercial, Governmental, and Nonprofit Clients since 2001 (plus hundreds of residential clients) 

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